Wearing the City

Presented at MPavillion Melbourne
in collaboration with Athiqah Ummi Salma and Jasmine Lau

“a reinterpretation of iconic Melbourne infrastructure into wearable form.”

                 Model - Victoria Punturere

Wearing the City is a project which was presented at MPavillion, Melbourne in 2017. Created in collaboration with Athiqah Ummi Salma and Jasmine Lau - our focus was on architect Roy Grounds’ Round Toilet Block, set alongside The Tan, in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne. Architectural elements of the building were abstracted and applied to the body, resulting in a wearable architectural fashion outcome.

This work aimed to capture the diverse aesthetic, compositional, material and formal qualities of infrastructural buildings beyond their amenity value. We conceptually dissected the building and redesigned it to a human scale, while experimenting with a range of materials to test the way they worked with the body’s movements.

The crossover of vocabularies between fashion and architecture were explored in techniques including folding, wrapping, pleating, draping, suspension, surface design, silhouette and form.