Project proposal for MONA, Hobart
in collaboration with Dasha Tolotchkov

In contemplating the implications of increased hygiene and distancing on our intrinsic human needs, dining becomes a crucial consideration. In a world where much is contaminated and we are no longer able to break bread with others; a safer tasting of food is simulated through a mask with our sense of smell. In a distanced dining cube, diners are pushed offshore for a floating meal.

The dining garment draws from traditional ceremonial attire, a caplet is draped over each of the diners. After the dining has taken place, the garment dissolves in water vapour, a final step of sanitisation.

“purest food experience”

Surrender presents a ceremonial experience of the purest dining. Speculating on a potential new world obsessed by sanitisation, the work responds to the increased neurosis surrounding security and hygiene. Transitioning into an unexpected future, we are forced to navigate new social rituals.

Models ~ Victoria Punturere & Lachlan Saunders